Zoning Ordinance Amendments – Summer 2018 (ZOAM-2018-01)

ZOAM-2018-01 (Guest Lodging, Senior Housing & Accessory Apartments Amendment )

The purpose of the Guest Lodging, Senior Housing & Accessory Apartments Amendment (ZOAM-2018-01) is to create opportunities for income generating options for local homeowners, for creating senior housing options and for creating guest lodging options.

The objectives of ZOAM-2018-01 are found in the 2017 Comprehensive Plan (adopted in January 2017). The task was prioritized by the Town Council in their Strategic Action Plan for FY2018 adopted in February 2018.

The Town Council adopted an Intent to Amend Resolution 2017-03 on February 2, 2018 and 2017-09 on September 21, 2017 that directed the Planning Commission to draft a series of Zoning Ordinance Amendments which would implement objective/strategies from the 2017 Comprehensive Plan. The complete list of 2017 Comprehensive Plan relevant objectives/strategies are found below.

The Planning Commission began their work on researching and developing zoning text amendments as part of ZOAM-2018-01 in March of 2017. The Planning Commission met at least once a month for a year on this project.

Draft text for ZOAM-2018-01 was made available to the public in late March 2018 for a public hearing that the Planning Commission held on April 10, 2018. At the end of that meeting, the Planning Commission voted to send ZOAM-2018-01 to the Town Council.

The Town Council has been reviewing drafts of ZOAM-2018-01 since April 19, 2018. The next meeting that it will be discussed is July 21, 2018.

If you would like to provide feedback on ZOAM-2018-01, please send an email to the Town Planner [email protected] with your comments. Please include your name, home address and phone number. You are also welcome to attend the next Town Council Meeting on July 21, 2018 and provide your comments during the meeting. This is not a public hearing, just a request from the Town Council to hear from the public on their feedback on this project. Please keep in mind ZOAM-2018-01 is still in draft form and has not been adopted.


Comprehensive Plan Support for ZOAM-2018-01

Town Council Intent to Amend Resolution 2017-03 (Adopted February 2, 2017)

Town Council Intent to Amend Resolution 2017-08 (Adopted September 21. 2017).

Public Notice for Public Hearing as Advertised in Loudoun Now (March 22 & March 29, 2018)

ITEM #1 – Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Facilities

ITEM #2 – Boutique Hotel

ITEM #3 – Bed & Breakfast Facilities

ITEM #4 – Accessory Homestay (Airbnb)

ITEM #5 – Accessory Apartments (Accessory Dwelling Units)

Draft Definitions of ZOAM-2018-01

Draft Use Standards of ZOAM-2018-01 (Underline Only is the Draft Text)