Sleeter Lake Park


Sleeter Lake Park 


When will Sleeter Lake Park open?

The new park will be open to the public tentatively by May 1, 2018 (opening day has not been determined yet). Starting in December 2018, the park will be closed during the winter months (December to March). It will be open daily from 7 am to dusk. 

When did the Town of Round Hill start to plan for Sleeter Lake Park?

The rezoning of the Villages of Round Hill (ZMAP-1989-004) was approved in 1991. The land to create Sleeter Lake Park and the access to Sleeter Lake was a proffer of this rezoning. The parkland was officially dedicated to the Town in 2000. The Town had several preliminary plans drawn up over the years – one version even included a campground. The Town took a more active approach to developing the park in 2012 (with no campground of course). The Town received capital improvement funding from the County for the park in 2015 and 2016 to pair up with funds that the Town had set aside over the previous decade. The Town received site plan approval for the park in February 2017. Construction for Phase 1 of Sleeter Lake Park began in September 2017 and was completed in November 2017. 

What is involved in Phase 2 of Sleeter Lake Park?

The Town is now in Phase 2 of Sleeter Lake Park which includes adding the park furnishings (storage, benches, picnic tables and signage). The exciting part of Phase 2 includes partnering with local environmental stewardship organizations to create an outdoor classroom at the park. Features will include a natural meadow, a monarch way-station, a pollinator garden, a bluebird trail and an observation bee hive. We look forward to using Sleeter Lake Park to educate visitors about the history of Round Hill and the science behind the lake. We want to inspire children to appreciate nature and to teach them more about the wildlife in their backyards.

How can I get involved in helping to build Sleeter Lake Park?  

We are currently planning a Volunteer Day in the Spring where local organizations, families, scout troops, and anyone who doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty can come out to plant flowers and native plants throughout the park. We are also looking for volunteer groups or organizations who want to adopt projects at the park (signage, historic preservation, wildlife habitats, etc.) We are working on a commemorative plaque program for the benches, trees and historic features. 

What types of boats can be launched from Sleeter Lake Park?

You will be allowed to launch your canoe, kayak or small boat with a trolling motor. Gasoline power boats will not be permitted. You can fish from the shoreline as well.

Will there be restrooms at Sleeter Lake Park?

In the short term, there will be temporary restrooms. Planning for Phase 3 of Sleeter Lake Park will begin next fall and will include the addition of features such as permanent restrooms and a small pavilion.

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