Yatton Water Loop Project


The Town of Round Hill has awarded a contract to Fuog/Interbuild, Inc. of Purcellville, VA. to begin the Yatton Road Water Loop Project. This project loops the two water mains that run under Rt. 7 Bypass to support the Town Southern Water Service Zone. Currently there are two independent water mains run down Airmont Road and Sassafras/Yatton Road. This project will connect these two lines which will allow the Town to feed in either direction, and better address issues such as water line breaks, fire demands and other emergencies that could interrupt our distribution system.

In addition to the loop, the Town will also be installing a raw water line from Well 12 in order to connect to the new Westlake Water Treatment Plant. Well 12 is currently connected directly to the water main on Sassafras Road. This new connection will allow the Town to take advantage of expanded treatment options.

During construction, the Town expects minimal impact and interruption to the residents and traveling public in this area. There are no full road closures expected and only limited single lane closures planned. Water service in this area should be maintained without any interruptions during the entire construction process. If there are any changes in the project scope or project schedule, we will notify the impacted parties. The entire project is expected to take about 6 months, but we expect the actual construction phase to be completed in a shorter time period. The contractor has begun installing a “super silt” fence along Yatton Road in preparation to starting the construction in several weeks.

Robert W. Lohr, Jr.
[email protected]