VDOT begins Paving on Business 7 from Round Hill to Purcellville

VDOT owns and maintains all the public streets in the Town of Round Hill and has complete control of the maintenance and paving. In early Spring of this year, the Town received notice that all of Loudoun Street would be paved during the summer paving season. The Town did not have the ability to select sections or reallocate the money in lieu of paving to put towards the Main Street Enhancement Project & Franklin Park Trail (that is currently out to bid and will begin this Spring). 

The Town Council formally asked VDOT to conduct paving work during the day to reduce impact to residents. They also asked to give the Town Office two weeks’ notice along with a notice to all the residents impacted on Loudoun Street. VDOT formally agreed to the advance public notice but declined the request for daytime work. The work start date has changed several times in the last 4 months but last month, the Town was informed that the work would begin the end of October with adequate notice to all parties. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen, and the contractor moved in Saturday and started the work Sunday night with no advance notice to the Town and residents. The Mayor contacted VDOT this morning (10/7/19) to express his frustrations on behalf of the residents. 

This project work calls for one more night of milling and then approximately three nights of paving, once all the milling is complete to Purcellville. The Town has asked VDOT for more details on timing and we are awaiting their update which we will provide once received. 

Please keep in mind that this paving work is a different project than the Main Street Enhancement Project & Franklin Park Trail which will install stormwater lines under Main Street and East Loudoun Street, along with curb, gutter and streetlight conduits. This project is a longer term project scheduled to start in 2020. This paving project is only general maintenance and not a long term solution to challenges with stormwater or pedestrian accessibility in Downtown Round Hill. 

The Mayor and Town Council apologize for any inconvenience that this project may have caused the residents of Round Hill, and promises that any future project managed by the Town will always take into consideration the impact to the public and try to minimize any impacts or inconveniences.