The Town of Round Hill will begin a four week upgrade to our water system that supplies Stoneleigh Golf Course and neighborhood. Two years ago, the Town Council approved a series of Capital Projects that identified a list of priorities for upgrades or improvements to our Water system. One of the items included installation of generators at our key wells and water treatment plants. This year, the Town identified the Stoneleigh well complex for upgrades.

Over the last two years, the Town has experienced several incidents that interrupted power service to this part of our system. The most recent occurred last weekend during the storms and resulted in an interruption for over 8 hours. The new generator that the Town is installing will allow our staff to operate the wells without any interruption to our system even in periods of extended power interruption

The first part of the four week project will be the most critical and will occur this Monday on July 8, 2019. The contractor will be shutting off power to the well system and will be installing the new switching gear and electrical panel. This will involve shutting the well system down for approximately 12 hours. The Town will have the tank full and we don’t anticipate any interruption to fire flows to the hydrants and water service to each house. We ask for your help and would like all residents in Stoneleigh to¬† conserve water this Monday beginning at 6 AM until 6 PM. Please refrain from watering the yard, filling pools, washing clothes or other activities that are water intensive. Once the electrical work is completed this Monday, there will be no additional impacts during the construction process. By the end of July, the generator should be delivered and installed.

The Town Council appreciates your assistance on this project and the Town looks forward to the redundancy and added insurance these improvements will deliver to Stoneleigh Golf Course and the neighborhood. If you have any questions, Please don’t hesitate to contact the Town Office at 540-338-7878 or the Utility Plant at 540-338-4772.