Town of Round Hill Completes Yatton Road Water Loop

The Town of Round Hill has completed and placed in service the critical infrastructure project known as the Yatton Road Water Loop. The Town Council identified this as a priority in the FY 19 Capital Improvement Program to provide more dependable service to the southern zone of the Town’s system. This project designed by the Town’s engineer, Peed and Bortz, LLC, involved the installation of an 8” water line that looped two mains that run under the Route 7 Bypass to feed the communities in the Town’s southern zone and the installation of a 4” raw water line that connected Well 12 to the Westlake water treatment plant.

This project has strategic importance to the Town system because it provides protection from a potential single line failure impacting water service to the entire southern zone. The Town now can shut off a line and serve from either main that runs under the bypass. In addition, Well 12 is now capable of being treated prior to being fed into the system.

The Town would like to thank the residents in this southern zone for their patience during the construction period. This specifically includes the residents of Fallswood, Yatton Road, Airmont Road, Hayman Lane and Lake Ridge Estates. The Town would also like to thank and recognize the project contractor, Fuog/InterBuild, Inc. of Purcellville, who delivered the project under budget and ahead of schedule.