Stoneleigh Valve Repair Scheduled for October 9th

During the water main break on October 4th, the Town had to close two valves and one of the valves began to leak a small amount when the system was brought back online. While it is a small leak now, the valve is in a critical location for our system and seldom do leaks in this type of valve go away, so we have proactively scheduled this emergency repair for Wednesday (October 9, 2019) starting in the morning at 8 AM.

This valve repair should be a lot less disruptive than the leak the other night because it is a controlled project where we aren’t losing large amounts of water from a break. It is the Town’s plan to shut down valves at Prestwick/Stoneleigh Drive and Dornoch/Stoneleigh Drive. This should isolate the section where the valve needs to be replaced. Unlike the leak the other night, we expect all the upper section above the intersection of Dornoch/Stoneleigh Drive to remain in water without any pressure impacts since the tank is full. There will be approximately 15 homes and the golf course that may see some impacts which could include reduced pressure or interruption of water service. We estimate this repair will take about 4 hours.

During this period, we have coordinated with the Fire Department to make sure they have additional tankers dispatched on any structure fire as a precaution.

Thank you again for your patience as we make additional improvement to the Stoneleigh Water System.