Southeastern Croquet Tournament & Clinic

Croquet was once a game for just the rich and famous with white clothes and strict rules.  But now the whites are out, the rules are no-holds-barred, and croquet is making a backyard comeback and ROUND HILL is leading the way in Loudoun County!

Croquet is typically a friendly game, a backyard competition, a diversion to be enjoyed after burgers and before supper time but it can be played seriously as well.  Those who play it often describe croquet as a combination of golf, pool and chess and report it is surprisingly good exercise for both the mind and body.

According to Round Hill Town Administrator, Melissa Hynes, croquet is a good fit for the outdoor appeal for Round Hill.  In fact, the Town of Round Hill Outdoors Committee and Loudoun County Parks and Rec has teamed with the United States Croquet Association (USCA) to bring a major croquet event to Woodgrove Park in Round Hill in June of this year.  The USCA is sending 9-Wicket National Champion, Macey White, to Round Hill on June 5 & 6 to teach a 2-day clinic on how to play the “backyard” version of modern croquet called 9-wicket.

The clinic will teach participants how to set up a court, how to play the games of 9-wicket and golf croquet and the techniques one can master to be truly competitive in this skill-based game.  According to White, “9-wicket can be played competitively in a persons’ own backyard.  Most of us think we played it as children, but it is actually a game of fairly complex strategy if played competitively. One of the great things about croquet is that it’s good clean outdoor fun no matter how seriously one wants to take the game.  Also, you don’t have to be very large, strong or young to play the game very well.  The 2016 Wolrd Champion was a 62 year old Stephen Mulliner from England and the 2018 World Champion was 31 year old Paddy Chapman from New Zealand”

Following the June 5-6 croquet clinic, the USCA will host a 9-wicket tournament on June 7-9.  Cost is $20 to attend the June 5-6 clinic and $95 to enter the June 7-9 three-day tournament.   Participants in the clinic can decide mid-day on the 6th if they want to participate in the tournament, and if they do, their clinic entry fee of $20 will be applied to their entry into the tournament.

Admission to watch the tournament is FREE 

For more information and an entry form, please contact Macey White at [email protected]

Info About 9-Wicket Croquet

Registration Form (deadline extended, email Macey White for exact details)