Press Release – Round Hill Town Adminstrator Amos “Buster” Nicholson Leaving Round Hill


Round Hill Town Administrator Amos “Buster” Nicholson submitted his resignation to the Town Council last week in order to pursue another opportunity. Nicholson joined the Town as its chief administrative officer in August 2013.

“I’ve enjoyed working with the Mayor, Council, residents and staff at Round Hill,” said Nicholson. “My career skills have grown immensely due to having collaborated with professional individuals who care about the residents of Round Hill and truly embrace the role of public servants.”

“The Town will miss Buster,” said Round Hill Mayor Scott Ramsey. “He has accomplished many things for this town over the previous five years. We wish him a lot of success as his career progresses.”

“Round Hill is a great place to both live and work,” Ramsey added. “We have an excellent staff, new parks we are opening, a major sidewalk and trail project about to go to construction, and planned upgrades to our water system. For a small town, we have a lot going on to challenge our next administrator.”

The Town Council will decide a transition plan at its next scheduled meeting Oct. 4.

Nicholson will continue to serve until Oct. 19. “I have made a lot of good friends and worked with some great colleagues here,” said Nicholson.”It’s been an honor to serve with such a talented group.”