New Trash Company for Residents Residing In Corporate Limits of Round Hill

On June 15th the Round Hill Town Council signed a three year contract with Patriot Disposal.

On June 28th residents will receive a 96 gallon trash can & a 64 gallon recycling can.  Both cans will be on wheels and have fixed lids.

Trash & Recycling day will still be on Wednesday.  The only difference is that recycling will be picked up in the morning not in the afternoon like former trash company.

First pickup day for Patriot Disposal will be Wednesday, July 5th.  Please have all your items to the curb no later than 5 a.m on trash/recycling day.

Patriot will pickup the following Bulk Items with weekly trash:

  • Mattresses
  • Bed Frames (disassembled)
  • Ikea furniture (disassembled
  • Couches
  • Coffee tables & lamps

*** Patriot would prefer that residents do not do more than one of above items in one trash service but rather break it up into multiple trash days

Items not listed above will be considered special pickup’s and Patriot Disposal will need to be contacted at 703-257-7100 to schedule a pickup. There will be a fee for picking up special items.  Patriot Disposal will advise resident of fee at time of call and payment will be taken.

Please contact the Town Office at 540-338-7878 ext. 301 for any questions.