New Town Park


Plan for New Town Park


Wormald Homes, owners of the Brentwood Springs neighborhood, will be dedicating a new Town Park to the Town of Round Hill in 2018.

Wormald Homes will include the following features in this new “all-ages” park. Keep in mind this list was pre-determined and accepted as a proffer in 2015 as part of the ZCPA 2014-0003 Rezoning Application:

1) A playground with equipment suitable for the following age groups:

- 6 months to 5 years and

- 5 years to 12 years

2) The playground may include one or more pieces of equipment and with a playground surface that will comply with appropriate safety regulations for slope and surface material;

3) A graded (8% maximum slope) ‘Open Lawn’ that shall be a minimum of ½ acre to be used for future events and activities at the park; 

4) A pervious surface exercise trail for adults that shall incorporate a minimum of 8 (eight) exercise stations;

5) Seating areas including at least eight benches that shall placed around the park, playground and surrounding trails;

6) An additional ½ acre riparian buffer planting area that shall be comprised of native plant materials;

7) Waste receptacles including four trash and two dog waste stations;

8) Town Park sign

9) Conduits for future water supply lines and 200 amp electric extension.

Once the new Town Park is dedicated to the Town of Round Hill, the Town Council will include it in discussions of the Capital Improvement Budget to fund future amenities and features.

Please note, there are no restroom facilities planned in the near future for the park.

If you are interested in suggesting future ideas, events, amenities and/or features for the park, please email the Town Planner Melissa Hynes at [email protected] and she will compile them for the Town Council to be presented at their Town Council Retreat in October 2017. Please keep in mind that any of these suggestions may not be approved in the FY 2019 – 2023 (five-year) Capital Improvement Budget. but could be up for reconsideration in the future.