The Town Council will be considering a non-binding resolution at its June 15th meeting to partner with the County and other Towns on consolidated property tax collection, to take effect beginning Jan. 1, 2019.

Under the proposal, residents of participating Towns would pay their Town property taxes and vehicle decal fees as new line items on their future County property tax bills instead of as separate Town-issued tax bills.

The Town would save some money and staff time in preparing and collecting tax bills, but tax dates would need to be changed to be due on the same schedule as the County (bi-annually). Also, Town residents would no longer be able to pay Town taxes in person at the Town Office, but would be able to pay their taxes and review their tax payment history in person in Leesburg or online using the County website.

Town citizens are encouraged to send their comments regarding this proposal to [email protected]

There is also a public comment period at the beginning of all Town Council meetings.