Hydrant Flushing in Round Hill May 16th & May 17th

The Town of Round Hill Utilities Department will be flushing fire hydrants Tuesday, May 16th & Wednesday, May 17th from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Water mains are flushed by opening fire hydrants and allowing them to flow freely for a short period of time.  The flushing cleans out sediment, which normally accumulates in the water mains.

Water is safe to drink and safe to use during the flushing.  However, flushing may result in some discoloration and sediment in the water.  If discoloration or sediment is evident, residents may want to avoid doing laundry.

Flushing may also introduce air into the water lines, which can temporarily cause erratic flow.

The Town regrets any inconvenience the flushing operation may cause.

Please contact the Town Office at 540-338-7878 ext. 302 if any problems occur.


fire hydrant