2019 Street Light Pilot Program



 Contact: Robert W. Lohr, Jr.  [email protected]   

The Town of Round Hill is partnering with Dominion Power to install three LED street lights in Town limits for a pilot program. In response to feedback from the Town of Round Hill, Northern Virginia Regional Commission and other localities, Dominion Power upgraded their street light program and expanded the catalog of available light fixtures to localities that provide street lighting as a service to their residents. This pilot program is being implemented to give residents and Town Council the opportunity to witness the benefits of these new street lights. The goal of the Town Council is to replace all the street lights in Town with the new LED lighting systems. The Town Council set this as a priority in this year’s budget and has funded the full anticipated cost to move forward if the pilot program is successful. Keep in mind that this an affordable project for the Town Council, since the Town does not have to pay the full cost of each light with reduced electric cost.

The Town is planning on having one “shoebox” LED light installed at 23 Main Street (in front of the Town Office) and a second one at the intersection of Locust Street and High Street. These “shoebox” type of LED lights would replace the existing 56 open vertical lights on wooden poles in the Town limits. The second phase of the pilot program will be replacing the regular acorn light in Lake Ridge Estates at the end of Stone Oak Place in the cul-de-sac with a decorative full cutoff acorn light.

The benefits of these new LED lights are numerous and include a more cost-effective lighting source, longer life with less maintenance requirements and better light coverage of roadway and sidewalk areas. In addition, the lights will reduce light pollution into houses and neighboring properties. If the citizens and Town Council deem the pilot program a success, Dominion Power is prepared to change out all the existing lights in Town limits, including all the existing acorn lights in Lake Ridge Estates. If this happens, The Town of Round Hill will be one of the first communities in Northern Virginia to have all the street lights changed out with the new LED models under Dominion Power’s new program. In summary, this exciting project will involve replacing 56 open vertical lights and 11 decorative acorn lights.

Mayor Scott Ramsey stated “I encourage all residents to visit the pilot locations after dark and complete the survey. We need your input to make the best decision.” The survey is located at our website at Roundhillva.org or you can leave feedback by calling the Town Office at 540-338-7878.

Survey Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Q3SMVKD

February 18, 2019