Administration, Communications, & Technology Committee (ACT)

The ACT Committee consists of four Council Members. The Committee’s mission is to support the Council and Staff in the development and administration of policies and procedures as they relate to Human Resources, Public Relations, and Information Technology.

Land Use Committee (LUC)

The Land Use Committee consists of 4 Council Members, one of which also serves as a member of the Planning Commission. The Land Use Committee (LUC) advises the Round Hill Town Council on land use issues based on research and community input. The LUC encourages the public to take part in discussing land issues facing the community by attending the meetings. It is hoped that in this way, the LUC will reach the goal of representing the community on routine and controversial land use issues in a broader way.

Utility Committee (UC)

The Committee consists of three Council Members. The Committee’s mission is to advance continuous quality improvement in utility infrastructure and operations through customer focus, organizational leadership, strategic planning, process improvement, and employee engagement/development to create operating excellence.