Frequently Asked Questions

This is the the Town of Round Hill Frequently Asked Questions page.


What is the form of the Town Government?

The Town of Round Hill has a Mayor-Council form of government provided for under Section 15.1.3-D of the Code of Virginia, as amended. The specific responsibilities, authority, and duties of the Town Government are outlined in the Town Charter.

The Mayor is elected for a 2-year term, with a term of office commencing on the 1st of July of each even year (i.e., 1998).

The Town Council consists of six members, elected at-large, each serving 4-year terms, with a term of office commencing on the 1st of July of each even year (i.e., 1998). The Council terms are staggered, with a 2-year overlap so that three seats are up for election at each Town election.

When does the Town Council, and the Town Planning Commission, meet?

Please visit the Calendar for exact dates and times.

Town Elections

When are Town elections held?

Town elections are held the first Tuesday in May of each even numbered year (i.e., 1998).

What are the requirements for voting in Town elections?

In order to vote in a Town election, you must be over 18 years of age, have lived within the corporate limits of the Town for at least six (6) months, have lived within the Commonwealth of Virginia for at least one (1) year, and be registered with the Loudoun County Registrar’s office.

What are the requirements for running for an elected Town position?

In order to be a candidate for Mayor or Town Council, you must be eligible to vote for the office you seek to attain. See the previous question for voting requirements.

What is the process for having my named placed on the Ballot?

You must contact the Virginia Board of Elections to request an application form. Given the size of Round Hill (i.e., less than 3000 residents), there is no need for a financial disclosure or the gathering of citizen signatures. You only need to fill out the applications, have your signature notorized, and return the forms by the deadline (usually in early March).

If, for some reason, you miss the filing deadline but still wish to be a candidate, you must solicit write-in votes from the citizens. Round Hill (as of 1997) uses paper ballots, thus making write-in votes easy to accomplish.


How does one get appointed to the Planning Commission?

Planning Commissioners are appointed by the Town Council and serve four-year terms. The terms are staggered with one or two positions open for appointment each year.

If you are interested in serving, please contact the Mayor or a Member of the Town Council to indicate your interest. Positions are routinely advertised in October, candidates interviewed in November, and appointments made in December.

There are no requirements for previous planning, zoning, or government experience. Obviously, individuals with applicable experience are usually appointed over those without any. All Planning Commissioners are encouraged to attend training courses offered by the Commonwealth, specifically for Planning Commissioners, at the expense of the Town.

Are there other Committees I can serve on?

Yes. The Town Council has three standing committees: Land Use, Utility, and the Administration, Communications and Technology (ACT) Committee.  Each committee is chaired by a Town Council member. Some committees, such as Land Use, have subcommittees to address specific issues such as Parks. If there is a specific committee or area of interest in which you would like to participate, you may contact the Town Administrator, Mayor, or Committee chairperson directly.

In addition, the Planning Commission frequently appoints committees to work specific issues. The DRAFT Historic Overlay Ordinance, as an example, was written by a citizen committee. If you are interested in participating on a Planning Commission committee, please contact the Planning Commission Chairman.