Town of Round Hill Comprehensive Plan

Table of Contents
Approved: 18 November 1993.


I. Basis for the Plan, Goals and Objectives and Primary Elements

Legal Basis and Purpose of the Plan
Goals and Objectives
Components of the Comprehensive Plan and the Planning Process

II. Inventory and Analysis

Historical Perspective
History of Round Hill
Historic Landmarks
Municipal Organization
Demographic Characteristics
Population Studies
Population Distribution by Age
Economic Development
Financial Structure of the Town
Tax Base
Operating Budgets
Natural Features
Geological Features/Conditions
Hydrologic Features
Meteorological Features
Special Physiographic Features
Existing Land Use
Community Facilities and Services
Public Utilities
Existing Land Maps
Town Maps

Location Map (E-1)
Historic Landmarks Map (E-2)
Togographic Map (E-3)
Soils Map (E-4)
Flood Plain Map (E-5)
Land Use Map (E-6)
Community Facilities Map (E-7)


III. Visionary Component, Elements and Objectives

Architectural Districts
Landscaping and Natural Environment
Public Services
Housing Types
Innovative Solutions

IV. Land Use Plan

Residential Plan
Commercial Plan
Community Facilities Plan
Transporation Plan
Conservation District Plan
Historica District Plan
Future Land Maps

Town Map

Overlay District (V-1)
Land Use Map (V-2)
Community Facilities Location Map (V-3)
Parks & Trails Map (V-4)

Area Maps

Land Use Map (V-5)
Green Belt/Open Space Map (V-6)
Community Facilities Location Map (V-7)
Transportation (V-8)
Town Park at Sleeter Lake Map (V-9)

V. Implementation

Zoning Ordinance
Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance
Capital Improvements Program
Public Facilities Manual
Town Code
Annexation Agreement